Basic Ground Rules - very straightforward :albino:

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Basic Ground Rules - very straightforward :albino:

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 05, 2015 2:43 pm

This is a post from the co-leaders of the clan. These are the rules.

Before you read this, if you don't like clans with basic rules, stop reading, close the webpage, and leave the clan.  We don't have time to be control freaks but have to set basic ground rules - we need some basic rules to ensure we 1) Win every war, 2) Don't let people take advantage of the clan, 3) minimize drama.

  •  If you opt into a war, you are expected to use both attacks, period.  Failure to do so will result in being left out of wars, demoted, or even kicked.  99% of the war losses are due to lack of participation.  It's inconsiderate to enter a war and spend no resources.

  • You must be in at least one war per week, and more if you are asked.  Let us know if it's vacation, busy time at work, etc. and you can opt out longer term.  It's not cool to get a free ride off the clan level and never help in maintaining or increasing those perks.  If you are playing, you should be warring.

  • Attack where you are asked.  You should be challenging yourself but getting stars.  You should never attack above your level if there are opportunities to star below you and no one to cover them.  Use common sense and if you are not sure ask a leader.  If you are in wars to make lots of loot by getting one star five levels up from you, you are in the wrong clan.

  • Don't cause drama.  If you disagree, discuss here or in chat.  We can work out 99% of the issues this way to everyone's satisfaction.

  • HAVE FUN!  It is just a game.  If you need some time off warring and being active, just ask.  Again, the rules are just in place to make sure everyone is treated fairly.

These rules apply from the Leader down to the member.  The key is be considerate, try your hardest, and be generous.  You will never lose that way!


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